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Exploring the Creative Universe of SenpaiRyūJinpō: A Journey into the World of Jbona

A poster of the fabled Anime The Sea Princess and the Fire Child

My Anime Journey: Uncensored passion of a Maltese otaku at Animeblogworld


Greetings! My name is John Paul Bonanno and I originate from one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean; Malta. Yes, Malta has been featured in an anime series as far back as 1981 as a design element on a character’s outfit. Yes, it’s true! In “The Sea Prince and the Fire Child (シリウスの伝説, Shiriusu no Densetsu),” Malta made its mark on the anime world.

Early Inspiration

Ever since my childhood, Anime appealed to me, primarily due to Italia 1, an Italian Television channel showing immense Anime series. It not only made me develop affinity towards anime but also my artistic side.

Growing Passion

Thus, gradually watching anime has become one of the habits that have only developed over the years. I used to only collect manga, but now I keep up with new series and plays games and have become a true fan of Japanese pop culture. At this point in the age of 37, I have chosen to relay this enthusiasm to other people through my blog; Animeblogworld while considering my strengths and expertise.

Challenges and Community

To reside in a small island state like Malta has its rewards and like every other thing, there some limitations and this also apply to collecting items Locally. Nevertheless, I’m ready to find unique items and encourage people in our community to unite. My favorite anime merchandise from my collection includes statues by Banpresto, exclusive Funko Pop, and anything that is Anime, which I will show off on Animeblogworld.

Artistic Expressions

Apart from it, I like to display my own ideas of anime songs and achieving a series of tattoos based on my favorite anime series. The series can be followed on the artistic Animeblogworld.


The web page animeblogworld is to create friendship with other Otaku lovers. It seems that it is not hard to get to know a person if you have an insight to their lives and interests; therefore, I hope that you have gained a small understanding of who I am through this paper. I hope we can meet other anime lovers; I would like to know more about anime from you and listen to your ideas about this blog.

As for me, I will strive to grow this anime community of mine and share the joy of watching anime with everybody else. Your contribution and encouragement are equally great as we welcome you for the interesting new phase in the development of Animeblogworld.

Set pf Monitors and Collectibles
My simple yet fun studio with amazing background lighting.

Yours truly, SenpaiRyūJinpō: Where Anime Dreams Take Flight.

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